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London Has A Special Place In Our Hearts

London is a city we will never get tired of visiting. We instantly fell in love with the city the minute we set foot.

This has inspired us to create www.londoninfoguide.com, the independent travel guide to the capital of England. The aim of this website is to share the love, passion and knowledge we have of London from the eyes of a tourist.

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How did we start?

Solo Build It! (also known as Sitesell) is where the adventure begun. We started using Solo Build It! back in 2012 when we launched our first site about Malta. (maltainfoguide.com).

Sitesell provides the backbone of the internet and provides all the information necessary to start an online business. It has been a great experience to learn from their detailed action guides, forums, and also receive individual professional assistance where required. It is a pleasure to be part of such a large community that has chosen Solo Build It! to create their successful online business. We are so fortunate to be a part of this amazing experience.

what is so special about london?

For us, this city has everything you need to have a beautiful well planned break. From plenty of attractions, the world renounced musicals, shopping galore, royalty everywhere you go, plenty of parks with so much greenery, great connections for day trips outside the city and much more.

In summary, London is not a one time visit; rather, it should be experienced over multiple vacations, as we did.

how will london info guide help you?

Our main goal is to help you plan your perfect trip to this great city!

We will share comprehensive information about London such as providing information on attractions, hotels, and transport options in London.

If you're coming to London for the first time or have been here many times, we want to provide you with the information you need to make the most of your visit.

Our independent online travel guide is created with passion and enthusiasm by real people who love London.

Since we have travelled on multiple occasions, all photos on this website are our own and are credited to us. All our photos have a London Info Guide watermark. Due to copyright, no photos from our website can be used freely unless there is an agreement between us.

We hope you enjoy reading our website, and you make a visit to London soon!

Benjamin and Albert
Publishers of londoninfoguide.com

Happy Travels!!

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