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weather in London

The weather in London is the first thing most people search about before starting their plans for their holiday. The below pages are the full guide to the month-by-month and seasonal weather condition for London for the whole year.

things to do in london

London is one of the most exciting places to visit due to its vast amount of things to do from theatrical shows, massive annual events, amazing attractions and also beautiful day trips starting from London.

christmas in london

Coronation of king charles iII

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th 2022, King Charles III (Formerly Prince Charles) is officially the next heir to the throne. His Coronation will be held in May 2023.

where to stay in london

best areas in london

  • Best Areas in London - A guide dedicated to first-time visitors planning their trip to London. In this guide we summarise our top 12 best areas in London to visit.
  • South Bank London UK - An easy guide about this neighbourhood in London. Find everything from what to do, where to eat and where to stay.
  • The City of London, England - A go-to guide finding the most essential things and facts about the financial district of London.
  • The City of Westminster London UK - A comprehensive guide to getting to know about the Westminster Borough.

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