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A Guide For A First Time Visitor to London

There is no 'best' place where to stay in London, but we know that picking a hotel in the right place is an important task for your holiday.

Choosing the right hotel depends on the budget you have and the commodities you would like to have at your accommodation. London is full of hotels to choose from, so whatever area you choose, there will be a selection for you. Despite where to stay in London, you will always be close to a metro or some type of transport to get around. 

Hotels in London England UK.

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Tower Bridge London.Tower Bridge London

In this guide, we will give you a summary of the best neighbourhoods to stay in London together with a recommended hotel, a list of types of hotels found in the capital city and finally a list of questions and answers many first-time visitors ask and we have the responses for them. If this is your first time visiting London, then this is the perfect guide!

best neighbourhoods in london

Within London, there are many districts, neighbourhoods and villages, all with their unique touch. Below are some of the best neighbourhoods to stay in together with the top landmarks that are in the district and also in the vicinity.

Soho - The best neighborhood for nightlife

Soho Area in London.Soho Area in London

Located in Westminster Borough

Soho is without a doubt one of London's most vibrant entertainment districts. Nightlife, theatres and restaurants bars and nightclubs are abundant. It is possible to keep yourself entertained all day and all night long. London's most famous landmark is Trafalgar Square, according to many people which is found here.

top visited landmarks in soho

Inside the area of Soho, one can find the following attractions.

  • Soho Park
  • The Photographers' Gallery

Soho is a small area but surrounded by the top attractions in London. The following landmarks/attractions are on the border of Soho which are all within walking distance.

  • Chinatown
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Leicester Square
  • Oxford Street
  • Trafalgar Square & National Gallery

Top 10 Best Hotels In The soho london

South Bank – London's best sightseeing area

South Bank in London.London Eye - South Bank

Located within Lambeth and Southwark Borough

Located opposite the City of Westminster within Lambeth Borough, it is an entertainment and commercial district in central London opposite the City of Westminster.

It stretches from the London Eye lying in the west, while the Design Museum is in the east. With a wide range of activities and attractions for everyone, everyone can find something to enjoy.

Top Visited Landmarks In South Bank

If you intend to stay in Southbank, the following landmarks are in your vicinity. Also find

Top 10 best hotels in the south bank area

Mayfair – For The Best Luxury Accommodation

The Area of Mayfair London.Mayfair London

Located in Westminster Borough

Exclusivity has been a hallmark of Mayfair for a long time. Located in a wealthy area within the borough of the City of Westminster. Here you find classy restaurants, world-renowned designer shops, extravagant boutiques and high-class quality accommodations.

what to see in Mayfair london

In the Mayfair district, you will not find many landmarks as it is quite small and it is known for its wealth and luxury. Apart from that, these are the main sights in Mayfair.

  • Bond Street
  • St James Park 
  • St. James Palace
  • Pickering Place
  • High-class designer shops

Top 10 Best Hotels In mayfair area in london

City of London

City of London District.City of London District

Located in the City of London Borough

The City of London, located on the north bank of the River Thames, is the financial centre of the nation's capital and the location of the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England.

It is sometimes referred to as "the Square Mile". It is very popular with tourists with its historical monuments, museums, shops, and restaurants.

Top Visited Landmarks In the City Of London

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Museum of London
  • Sky Garden
  • Monument to the Great Fire of London
  • Guildhall Art Gallery
  • Tower of London - On the old defensive perimeter.

Best Hotel In the city of london - Apex Temple Court Hotel, 4-Star Hotel 

Paddington - a more budget-friendly area

Paddington Station London.Paddington Station - Where To Stay In London

Located in Westminster Borough

Paddington is an area in the City of Westminster. The area is west of St. Marylebone and north of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Here you will find beautiful canals, relaxing garden squares and a wide range of dining and lodging options.

what to see at paddington

With Paddington not being a top area for landmarks and sights, it is still in the heart of London with plenty of opportunities to explore. Here are some of the things to do in Paddington.

  • Paddington Station
  • Floating Pocket Park
  • Portobello Road market - Check out more markets in London!
  • Little Venice located on the Regent’s (Grand Union) Canal

best 12 hotels in paddington london area

Top 12+ Best Hotels around paddington station london

Covent Garden - In the heart of the west end

Covent Garden LondonCovent Garden London

Located within both Camden and Westminster Borough

This lively, bustling centre of the West End, called Covent Garden, is a must-visit location for anyone who appreciates theatre, dining, pubs, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment in the heart of the city. Easily accessible by all means of transportation, it is one of the most popular parts of London.

London's West End is famous for its entertainment, shopping, and eating spots. The Savoy, the Adelphi, and Vaudeville are just a few of the top theatres in Covent Garden, which is part of the West End.

Top Visited Landmarks In Covent Garden

  • Covent Garden Market.
  • London Transport Museum
  • The Royal Opera House
  • Neal's Yard
  • Somerset House

Top 12 Best Hotels In Covent garden london

Camden town - a multi-cultural area

Camden Town London.Camden Town London - Where to stay in London

Located in Camden Borough

Camden Town has become one of London's most popular tourist destinations and one of the most lively areas in London. It offers a local perspective on London that you won't find anywhere else in the city. It is very popular for its market, vibrant live music and many best places to eat from a variety of cultures around the world.

Top places to visit while In camden town

While Camden Town is mainly focused on the markets, just outside the town you can find the following sights and things to do.

  • Camden Town Markets
  • London Zoo (Border of Camden Borough)
  • Regent's Park (Border of Camden Borough) 
  • Regent's Canal

Best Hotel In Camden town - Hilton London Euston, 4 Star Hotel 

Kensington - Family friendly hotels

Kensington Borough London.Kensington Borough London

Located in Kensington and Chelsea Borough

Kensington is a large neighbourhood immediately west of the city centre. This area of London has the renowned Museum Quarter which is very rich in British history and an appealing area for those who are fond of history and museums.

Due to its convenient access to Heathrow, Kensington is a well-liked area for hotels. Getting into the centre is very easy, either by bus or underground.

Top Visited Landmarks In kensington

  • Kensington Palace and Gardens (Top Attraction)
  • Victoria & Albert Museum - Discover Art and Design
  • The Churchill Arms
  • Harrods - One of London's true icons of luxury
  • Natural History Museum
  • Holland Park
  • Hyde Park - Perfect for quiet strolls
  • Royal College Of Music Museum

Best Hotel In kensington - Strathmore Hotel, 4 Star Hotel

category of the best types of hotels in london

City of London with the view of the Shard.

Luxury Hotels in london

In London, there is a wide variety of luxury hotels from which to choose, which can make selecting the ideal one a challenging task. In London, hotels excel at pampering and spoiling their guests. In addition to the presentation of services, the hotel offers luxurious views and free access to all its premium amenities.

Corinthia Hotel in Westminster Borough.

5 Star london Hotels

The best five-star hotels in the world may be found in London. Making your stay a little more exceptional is simple because there are many hotels with rich history, famous clients, royalties, exquisite spas and restaurants that will make your stay fantastically special.

Buildings in Kensington Borough London.

best boutique hotels london

As a guest, you will be able to choose from a wide range of boutique hotels in London, so that you can be sure to find the ideal place for you at a price that will meet your expectations. Many boutique hotels that are affordable or provide chic accommodations, convenient locations, elegant touches without an exorbitant price tag, or provide personal attention to each guest.

Rosewood London Courtyard.

famous hotels in london

With a range of properties to choose from, there are hotel properties in London that are known globally as some of the most renowned and elegant hotels in the world. There are many famous locations where movies have been filmed, historic landmarks, and even hotels where Hollywood actors have stayed.

CitizenM Hotel London.

coolest hotels in London

There are a wide variety of hotels available in London, which is unmatched anywhere else. A wide variety of cool accommodations is available on the market, from extravagant peculiarities and dreamlike designs to original themes and boutique hotels with a unique character.

A street in Kensington Borough.

Bed and Breakfast in London

It is more affordable and interesting to stay at a bed and breakfast to save money on accommodation. In every London neighbourhood, you can find B&Bs, and many are within walking distance of the city's best attractions. Family-run and cheaper than most London hotels, they can provide insight into the neighbourhood since they are frequently family-run.

questions and answers for first-time visitors

What is the best neighbourhood/area of London to stay in?

All areas have their pros and cons, but if you want to stay very central and are only walking distance from most attractions we recommend staying in Mayfair, Soho, South Bank or the City of London.

Where is the most central place to stay in London?

Geographically, Trafalgar Square is the most central part of London. So if you are looking for a neighbourhood closest to this landmark, it is Soho.

Are the hotels in London expensive?

There is a mix of hotels accommodating all types of budgets. The more central you go, the higher the prices will be. If you are looking for luxury and prices are not a concern, then Mayfair, City of London or Soho are a start with high-priced hotels. If you want to go for cheaper hotels, due to a restricted budget, Kensington and Paddington are also a start as they are slightly further away from the main centre.

Where to stay in London first time?

On our first visit to London, we stayed in Paddington as the accommodation was cheaper and it was the perfect link to get around by metro. Our hotel was a couple of minutes' walk from Paddington metro.

Where to stay in London close to everything?

If you choose to stay within the mentioned neighbourhoods on this page, generally speaking, you will be close to everything. Keep in mind that with London's metro transport, you can get everywhere within minutes and there are metro stops a few minutes away from the most popular landmarks.

If you are hesitant about using the metro all the time and prefer walking, then staying closer to Oxford Street in the districts of Soho, Mayfair and Covent Garden is your best choice.

Where to stay in London with family as a tourist?

When visiting with family, especially with children, safety is always a priority. London is a pretty safe place to stay. The best neighbourhoods to stay in are Mayfair, South Kensington, Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Chelsea. These areas are all in the centre and you will find all types of accommodation to accommodate your family.

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Tower Bridge in London United Kingdom

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  • CItizenM Hotel in the City of London - Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

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