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A Royal London Welcome: Stay Steps from the Palace

In the vibrant heart of London, a stone's throw away from the majestic Buckingham Palace lies a selection of imperial hotels that offer more than just a place to stay but also an impressive experience. These hotels near Buckingham Palace London are gateways to experiencing all that the city has to offer, most especially the British royalty.

In this article, we will delve into the 12 closest hotels to Buckingham Palace London where we provide an overview of each hotel, including the distances to Buckingham Palace, the closest attractions, the metro, and the train station. We also provide a direct link to for you to book your stay with ease and comfort.

Hotels Near Buckingham Palace London UK.Best Hotels Near Buckingham Palace

Below find the 12 Hotels mentioned inside this guide. Click any of them to jump to that specific hotel.

  1. Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites And Residences - Luxurious, Spacious, Serene
  2. The Guardsman Hotel - Traditional, Opulent, Historic
  3. The Rubens At The Palace - Regal, Welcoming, Opulent
  4. Hotel 41 London - Chic, Intimate, Exclusive
  5. The Ritz Hotel London - Timeless, Prestigious, Grand
  6. Dukes London Hotel - Classic, British, Cozy
  7. The Clermont London, Victoria - Historic, Vibrant, Convenient
  8. The Resident Victoria Hotel - Central, Quiet, Modern
  9. The Cavendish London Hotel - Contemporary, Stylish, Central
  10. St. Ermin's Hotel, Autograph Collection - Luxurious, Intriguing, Hospitable
  11. The Sanctuary House Hotel, Westminster - Cosy, Inviting, Traditional
  12. Hub By Premier Inn London Westminster Abbey Hotel - Modern, Compact, Efficient

Tips, Packing and FAQ's

Disclaimer: All distances mentioned on this page are calculated on foot. Also, the distance from the hotel to any mentioned location is approximate to give you a visual idea of the hotel's location.

1. Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences - 5 star

Luxury is at the core of the Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites & Residences in London, offering an unrivalled experience of British hospitality.

Amid a bustling city, this hotel offers a peaceful haven. In addition to luxury accommodations and Michelin-starred meals, visitors also enjoy flawless service that anticipates all their needs. Staff members make every moment special with clever birthday surprises and personalised spa treatments.

An unforgettable journey into luxury awaits every guest at this hotel. There is more to it than just a place to stay.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 450 m
  • Closest Attractions: Westminster Cathedral 450 m | The Guards Museum 650 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 500 m
  • Metro: St. James Park 300 m

Address: 51 Buckingham Gate, Westminster Borough, London

A tip on Why to choose a hotel near Buckingham Palace

When choosing your hotel, ask for a room that offers a view of the Royal Mews or the palace gardens. Having a majestic backdrop right from your room window makes your stay a little more special. Kindly note that not all hotels in the vicinity of the palace might offer this view.

2. The Guardsman hotel - 5 star

The Guardsman London is a unique find, combining upscale hotel elegance with cosy warmth.

It's tucked away but accessible to the sights, with excellent service and comfortable accommodations. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure you have a great visit. It's ideal for touring, with delicious meals and a location close to Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station. This hotel is a fantastic option if you wish to have a relaxing stay in Westminster.

The Guardsman stands out for its personalised touch and gives you a sense of being valued and distinguished.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 500 m
  • Closest Attractions: Westminster Cathedral 500 m | St. James Park 500 m 
  • Train: Victoria Station 190 m
  • Metro: St. James Park 450 m

Address: 1 Vandon Street Westminster, Westminster Borough, London

3. The Rubens at the Palace - 5 star

Combining high-quality service and a fantastic location, The Rubens at The Palace in London provides an opulent experience close to Buckingham Palace.

Aside from staying in tastefully decorated accommodations, you can enjoy fine dining options such as Afternoon Tea and English Grill. Exploring the city is made simple by its proximity to Victoria Station.

For those looking to experience London's elegance and beauty, The Rubens is a great option because of its committed staff who work hard to ensure guests have an unforgettable stay.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 450 m
  • Closest Attractions: Wellington Arch 950 m | Westminster Cathedral 450 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 250 m
  • Metro: Victoria 300 m

Address: 39 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster Borough, London

4. Hotel 41 - 5 Star

Hotel 41 provides an opulent and customised experience by fusing the opulence of a private members' club with elegant decor.

Attendants provide visitors with personalised attention by calling them by name and accommodating their inclinations with amenities such as 'Plunder the Pantry.' A sophisticated and unforgettable stay is guaranteed by the hotel's attention to detail. Hotel 41 is more than simply a place to stay—it's a sanctuary of classic elegance.

It is ideally suited to people looking for an unmatched experience in the centre of one of the most exciting cities on earth. It has luxurious furniture and perfection.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 450 m
  • Closest Attractions: Westminster Cathedral 750 m | Victoria Palace Theatre 230 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 300 m
  • Metro: Victoria 300 m

Address: 41 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster Borough, London

5. The Ritz Hotel London - 5 star

When you book a stay at The Ritz Hotel London, you can expect unparalleled refinement and luxury.

This historic hotel promises more than just opulent lodging; it promises an experience that will last a lifetime. The hotel offers a range of luxurious accommodations and fine dining choices, as well as renowned afternoon tea - all within a comfortable and contented setting.

It's more than just a place to stay; it's an opportunity to live a uniquely refined lifestyle, making your stay at The Ritz memorable.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 750 m
  • Closest Attractions: Shepard Market 500 m | Spencer House 350 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 1.5 km
  • Metro: Green Park 160 m

Address: 150 Piccadilly, Westminster Borough, London

Packing For Your Holiday

When packing for London, versatility and precaution for unpredictable weather are key. We always plan to pack everything to be covered for all circumstances. However, you should only pack the essential stuff to be light and comfortable. From comfortable shoes to different clothing layers, travel accessories and other must-haves. Use our complete London packing list to ensure you do not miss anything essential.

6. Dukes London hotel - 5 star

At Dukes London, you will find classic elegance and grandeur infused with the contemporary style of London's St. James's Mayfair.

By blending classic Martinis, fine British dining, and tastefully decorated rooms with an understated elegance, Dukes provides a peaceful haven near major attractions. Its dedication to providing guests with individualised service guarantees they feel like royalty, upholding a tradition of luxury that has welcomed notable guests for generations.

If you choose Duke's to stay in London, you will be treated to a taste of legendary luxury that is unlike anything else.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 750 m
  • Closest Attractions: St. James Palace 250 m | Spencer House 75 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 1.5 km
  • Metro: Green Park 450 m

Address: 35 St James's Place, Westminster Borough, London

7. The Clermont London, Victoria - 4 star

With the Clermont London Victoria, you can relax and enjoy a luxurious stay that combines old-world charm with modern conveniences. Located next to Victoria Station and Victoria Underground Station, the Apollo Victoria Theatre is just minutes away.

The hotel is known for its elegant eating establishments, luxurious rooms, and friendly personnel. The Clermont, which is suitable for anyone looking for a combination of luxury, accessibility, and history, guarantees a remarkable stay.

Every element is painstakingly designed for cosiness and style.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 800 m
  • Closest Attractions: Westminster Cathedral 500 m | Wellington Arch 1 km
  • Train: Victoria Station 65 m
  • Metro: Victoria 65 m

Address: 101 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster Borough, London

8. The Resident Victoria hotel - 4 star

Your home away from home in London, The Resident Victoria, offers comfort and convenience.

The welcoming staff greets you with genuine warmth the moment you step inside. You will find a cosy haven in your elegantly designed room, equipped with modern amenities. Whether you're looking for hidden treasures in the city or looking for a memorable birthday surprise, the staff goes the extra mile.

Rooms include practical conveniences such as fridges and microwaves.

Exceptional hospitality is applied to every moment, leaving you with priceless memories of London.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 400 m
  • Closest Attractions: St. James Park 450 m | Westminster Cathedral 400 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 300 m
  • Metro: Victoria 550 m

Address: 10 Palace Place, Westminster Borough, London

9. The Cavendish London Hotel - 4 star

The Cavendish London Hotel is an elegant hideaway just a few blocks away from Green Park and Mayfair. The warm hospitality and excellent service greet guests, ensuring a pleasant stay.

The spacious hotel rooms offer a peaceful haven for a good night's sleep. The Cavendish offers a sophisticated British dining experience that emphasizes sustainability. Staying here provides an immersive immersion into London's beauty and elegance.

The Cavendish London Hotel is enhanced by a team committed to making sure guests are satisfied. High marks for location, personnel, comfort, and cleanliness are indicative of luxurious accommodations.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 1 km
  • Closest Attractions: St. James Square 260 m | Spencer House 400 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 1.7 km
  • Metro: Green Park 400 m | Piccadilly Circus 350 m

Address: 81 Jermyn Street, Westminster Borough, London

10. St. Ermin's Hotel, Autograph Collection - 4 star

Securing a room at the St. Ermin's Hotel in London guarantees a memorable voyage into a realm where elegance and history harmoniously exist.

This hotel provides more than simply an excellent location—it delivers an immersive experience surrounded by mystery and the allure of its façade covered in ivy. Every element, from the opulence of the lobby to the sophisticated comfort of the rooms, has been painstakingly designed to ensure your satisfaction.

Customers compliment the outstanding service, welcoming personnel, and thoughtful extras that make every visit unforgettable.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 700 m
  • Closest Attractions: St. James Park 120 m | The Guards Museum 550 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 650 m
  • Metro: St. James Park 120 m

Address: 2 Caxton Street, Westminster Borough, London

What Do You Find around buckingham palace

Being that Buckingham Palace sits right in the heart of London, other iconic landmarks are just a stone's throw away. Being a first-time visitor, your one main requirement is to know what there is around your hotel so that you will be familiar with your surroundings.

Around the hotels mentioned on this page, you will find the following attractions; Buckingham Palace, St. James' Park, Green Park, Hyde Park (find other parks around London), Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Find out more things to do around London.

11. The Sanctuary House Hotel, Westminster - 3 star

With its amazing location, the Sanctuary House Hotel in Westminster offers a unique experience, combining the elegance of a traditional British inn with the modern conveniences of a hotel.

It promises a smooth and memorable stay with its tastefully decorated rooms, British food served in a cosy pub and outstanding service, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable visit. A peaceful lodging facility near historical attractions, easy access to the subway, and a prime location.

The Sanctuary House Hotel is prepared to go above and beyond your expectations and create a genuinely unique London experience.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 850 m
  • Closest Attractions: Westminster Abbey 260 m | St. James Park 300 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 850 m
  • Metro: St. James Park 100 m

Address: 33 Tothill Street, Westminster Borough, London

12. hub by Premier Inn London Westminster Abbey hotel

The Hub by Premier in Westminster combines contemporary lodging with a premium London location to provide guests with an efficient and interesting stay.

Its tiny, cleverly constructed rooms, geared at savvy travellers, have luxurious amenities and comfortable technology. The hotel offers friendly, attentive service, a lively lounge area, convenient dining options, and easy access to famous sites. The hotel is the ideal option for your vacation since it offers excellent value and a seamless London experience, making it suitable for sightseeing or business travel.

The Hub by Premier Inn offers great comfort and value, whether you're visiting the city for business or to see the attractions.

  • How far from Buckingham Palace: 900 m
  • Closest Attractions: Westminster Abbey 200 m | St. James Park 300 m
  • Train: Victoria Station 900 m
  • Metro: St. James Park 100 m

Address: 21 Tothill Street, Westminster, London

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There is so much to discover in London and its endless wonders can make getting to know it a challenge! Are you unsure how many days you will need? To ensure you make the most of your time exploring this dynamic city, we've developed multiple itineraries for your planning.

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To wrap up this article, these hotels near Buckingham Palace London are only a few of the many other hotels around the entire city. The hotels listed down on this article are our recommended choices based on the research and ratings the hotels have. 

If any one of these hotels is what you wish, go ahead and reserve your stay before it is too late as rooms fill up quickly, especially during seasonal periods. If you wish to have a look at other neighbourhoods or locations around London and check out their hotels, use our in-depth guide to places to stay in London.

FAQs About Staying Near buckingham palace

What are the different types of accommodations available near Buckingham Palace, and how do they cater to various traveller needs?

Buckingham Palace is located in a strategic part of London, making it close to so many places around the city. The accommodations available near the palace range to cater for every traveller's needs, from luxury five-star hotels to mid-range three and four-star hotels. One can also find apartments for rent at all price ranges.

How do the proximity of other landmarks range to the different hotels around Buckingham Palace?

With the use of the underground, it is very easy and efficient to travel from one landmark to the next from hotels close to Buckingham Palace. Each hotel has it's different distances to different landmarks so researching what is around and how far is always recommended before going.

What unique amenities and services set these hotels apart from others in London?

To refer to the hotels mentioned on this page, the amenities and services all differ depending on the hotel you are looking at. The 5-star hotels will have more luxury and personal services whilst, three to four-star will have more affordable yet comfortable services. It is always best to check what the hotel offers and always have a look at the reviews to know what to expect.

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