The Tower bridge in London

Experience the Thrills of Tower Bridge: Walk the Glass Walkways and Explore its History

The Tower Bridge in London is the most visually appealing in all of London because of its Neo-Gothic design and elevated central section, which makes it one of the most striking bridges in the world.

It is a landmark that is known for its unique design and visual appeal. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful structures in the world, one of the most iconic landmarks in London, and a much-loved historical landmark that is often mistaken by overseas tourists as London Bridge due to its shape.

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The Tower Bridge in London and Tower of London.Tower Bridge and Tower of London

At the time of its opening, it was the most advanced bascule bridge in the world and remains today one of London's most iconic views.

It serves as an important road link between the two banks of the Thames, making it vital to the area. The tower bridge is not like a drawbridge, in that it does not use ropes or chains to lift the road, and that is not a good solution when the road is too heavy to be lifted in this way.  To open and close the bridge, the designers utilized the bascule system, which involves pivoting the roads like an enormous seesaw and moving them back and forth to perform the motion.

the tower bridge Entry Tickets

This entry ticket gives you access to both towers, the walkways, the glass floor, and the Victorian engine rooms on the southern side of the North Tower.

When booking this ticket, fast-track entry is not available with this pre-booked ticket. Even though there is no fast-track access, it is still highly recommended to book tickets in advance to ensure that you find availability and avoid long queue lines.

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Tips Before Visiting The Tower Bridge

We have gathered together 9 points of things you need to know summarizing your plan and this page information to visit Tower Bridge:

  1. Location: Tower Bridge is located in London, England which crosses the river Thames and is easily accessible via public transportation.
  2. Opening Hours: The Tower Bridge Exhibition is open all year round from 09:30 till 18:00. Last entry is at 17:00. It is closed from 24th to 26th December. On 1st January opening is at 10:00. On every third Saturday of the month, the Bridge is reserved for Relaxed Opening attendees between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30.
  3. Admission fee: There is a fee for the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which includes access to the glass walkways and exhibitions about the bridge's history and construction.
  4. Pre-booking: To make the most of your time in London, we recommend pre-booking your tickets online.
  5. Photography: Photography is allowed, but tripods and drones are prohibited.
  6. Accessibility: People with disabilities have access to the bridge's exhibitions thanks to lifts and ramps.
  7. Safety: A fear of heights might not be suitable for those who walk on the glass walkways at the Tower Bridge Exhibition though they are completely safe.
  8. Dress code: There are no dress code requirements, but it is advisable to dress appropriately according to the weather conditions as you will be visiting the Victorian Engine Rooms from one side of the tower.
  9. Food and drink: Visitors are not allowed to bring their food or drink into the exhibition, but there is a café on site that serves light refreshments.
The passage way on the Tower Bridge.The Tower Bridge Crossing

How to get to the tower Bridge

Several ways can be used to get to Tower Bridge, including the metro, bus, vehicle, boat, and train.

getting here By Metro

  • The closest underground station is Tower Hill Metro Station which lies on the South Bank (0.4 miles) and is served by the District (Green), and Circle (Yellow). From the bridge, you will need to walk about 7 minutes.
  • London Bridge Station is also around 0.6 miles away and is served by the Northern (Orange), and Jubilee lines (Grey). There is around a 15-minute walk to the Tower Bridge.

by bus

  • Tower Bridge can be reached by bus lines: 15, 42, 78,100, 343. Each stop is detailed as follows:
  • Tower Bridge City Hall (Stop L) with 42, 78 and 343 buses. This is the closest to the bridge.
  • Tower Bridge / City Hall (Stop P) with 42, 78 and 343 buses.
  • Tower Bridge Road (Stop K) 47, 381, N199 and N381 buses. This stop is a bit further away than Stop P.

Hop-on Hop-off buses

  • The sightseeing buses stop both before and after the bridge, and it is only a few minutes walk from there. Additionally, the bus drives over the bridge.

River Thames transportation

  • The closest is St. Katherine's Pier, just a few minutes walk on the north side of the river Thames.
  • Then the Tower Pier a bit further away. Between this pier and the bridge, there is The Tower of London (north side of the river Thames).
  • Across the River Thames (north side) lies the London Bridge City Pier, which is even further up than the HMS Belfast but still within walking distance from Tower Bridge.


  • Free parking spaces are available right close to the bridge.

Car Parks

  • Parking is available in various nearby car parks, though driving here is not recommended due to congestion fees.
The Tower Bridge London and Igloos.Igloos with Tower Bridge in the background

14 facts about the tower bridge in london

  1. Construction started on 21 June 1886 and was completed on 30 June 1894.
  2. Building Tower Bridge required eight years, five main contractors, and the steadfast labour of 432 workers every day.
  3. At the time of its construction, Tower Bridge cost £1,184,000, which translates to around £196,891,241.84 (£196.9 Million) in 2023.
  4. To conceal the underlying steelwork frame, Cornish granite and Portland stone are used to clad the Neo-Gothic towers of the Bridge.
  5. Tower bridge length - The overall length is 244 meters (800 feet).
  6. Tower bridge height – It is 65 meters (213 feet) tall.
  7. Here are some interesting numbers about the entire Tower Bridge. 11,000 tonnes (11,000,000 kilograms) of steel were used throughout Tower Bridge. More than 70,000 tonnes (70,000,000 kilograms) of concrete were required for the foundations to support the building. 31,000,000 bricks and 2,000,000 rivets were used to build the bridge and 432 workers were used from across 5 different companies to build the bridge.
  8. Big Ben and Tower Bridge both rank as the most famous of all London landmarks.
  9. Red, white and blue paint was applied to Tower Bridge during the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977. Chocolate brown was the original colour of the Bridge.
  10. Around 800 ships still sail through the bridge annually today.
  11. Daily, it is used by over 40,000 people and 21,000 vehicles.
  12. 2014 saw the addition of a glass floor to the walkway, providing breathtaking views of the river and the city below. Incredible views may be seen directly below.
  13. James Bond and "the Queen" fly through in a helicopter during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012 as the Olympic rings were suspended from the Walkways.
  14. The coal-fired boilers in the Victorian Engine Rooms with the original pumping engines, accumulators and boilers are located on the south side of the bridge which can be viewed as part of the entry ticket.

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The Tower Bridge in London.

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map of the tower Bridge in london

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The Road Crossing The Tower Bridge at sunset.The Road Crossing The Tower Bridge

We conclude our guide by suggesting that Tower Bridge is a must-see attraction in addition to many other things to do in London. Several other landmarks you can go see are the London Eye, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace amongst many others.

Its unique design and history make it a significant part of the city's heritage and its location on the River Thames provides stunning views of the surrounding area. You will not miss admiring the breathtaking panoramic views of the city, its landmarks around the Bridge including the river Thames.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a local, the Tower Bridge's accessibility and facilities make visiting this landmark an enjoyable and informative experience for all ages.

Frequently asked questions about the Tower Bridge

Is the Tower Bridge in London free to visit?

To cross the bridge, you are completely free to do so. The walk can also be timed to coincide with the lifting of the drawbridge if you wish. You can have a look at the website for the next openings though tickets are required to enter the museum.

What zone is the Tower Bridge located in?

Tower Hill, which lies on the bridge's north side (on the side of the Tower of London), and Bermondsey, a neighbourhood of Southwark, is on the bridge's south side (on the side of the London Eye).

What is the difference between the Tower Bridge and the London Bridge?

There is no similarity between Tower Bridge and London Bridge. Despite being London's most famous bridge, Tower Bridge isn't London Bridge. In comparison, London Bridge is slightly upriver and pretty plain.

When was the tower bridge built?

Tower Bridge was constructed between 1886 and completed in 1894.

What is the Tower Bridge?

A tower bridge combines the features of a bascule and a suspension bridge. When it is raised at an angle, ships can pass through the bridge deck. To open and close the bridge, the roads (bascules) pivot like giant seesaws. In its day, it was regarded as one of the world's most advanced bascule bridges.

What was the purpose of building Tower Bridge?

The rapid population growth in the east of London during the Victorian times meant that a new river crossing was needed to be able to unload and load the cargo of ships travelling to the various parts of the river Thames.

How long does it take for Tower Bridge to open and close and how much do they weigh?

Tower Bridge typically lifts and closes in 3 to 5 minutes. Considering that they weigh over 1,100 tons each (1,100,000 Kilograms). It is rather impressive to see them lifting with such heavy weight.

Why does Tower Bridge use the bascule system?

The bascule system was the ideal one for Tower Bridge as it allowed large ships to transit via the river Thames once the bridge's moveable sections were opened to an angle of 83 degrees. At the same time, it improved access between the two sides of London. Today it is still impressive to see the bascules being raised.

Why is the system of raising the road level called a bascule?

There is no doubt that the word 'bascule' has been used to describe the Tower Bridge's movable road sections since the word is derived from the French word which means 'seesaw'. Hydraulics was used to move the Tower Bridge bascules, and the massive pumping engines were powered by steam.

What is unique about the Tower Bridge?

Tower Bridge has the unique distinction of not being a drawbridge. Oil-and-electricity-powered hydraulic pumps raise the bridge with heavy counterweights. A drawbridge, on the other hand, requires ropes or chains to pull it up.

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The Tower Bridge in London United Kingdom.

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